7 Steps for Starting a Successful Business in Illinois

Starting a successful business in Illinois takes careful planning, considering the legal requirements and following the right procedures. For the business to be successful, everything has to be done right from the start.

1. Have a Business Idea

It all starts with a great business idea but how you package it will determine whether you will have a successful business or not. Take into account that there may be established companies offering what you have in mind. How do you become competitive? Creating a business plan is essential too.


2. Adapt the Right Business Structure

The structures include sole proprietorships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, LLC (Limited Liability Companies), “S” and “C” corporations. Weigh out the pros and cons of each and determine the best structure of your business. Consider consulting a business attorney for help determining the best entity structure for you.

3. Licensing and Taxes

When the business name is different from your full legal name, you have to register it at the county’s clerk office. This is following requirements mentioned in the “Assumed Name Act.” Taxes are another consideration. The Internal Revenue Service in Illinois offers all the information and directions on taxation. The Illinois Department of Revenue does tax registration. Tax laws will depend on the type of business, the location, and the employees you hire. When sole proprietors have employees, they should have a Federal Employer Identification Number.


4. Create a Bank Account

You can check the requirements from your preferred local bank before opening the account. Proper registration documents, the business plan, and licenses are vital when opening the account. Before settling for a particular bank, check out what different banks have to offer. Do they provide fast services, are their processes automated, friendly and secure? The whole account creation process should not take a lot of time.

5. Choose an Ideal Location

Where your business is located is as important as the products it will offer. You should choose the location after considering the solutions the company will bring to the community, target market, competition, and the available resources.

6. Set Up Your Online Presence

A website is a significant component of any business located in Illinois or anywhere else. Today, most people check online for the services they need before setting foot into a physical store. Online shopping has also become more popular than ever; people want to shop from the comfort of their homes and have products delivered to them. Online marketing is also a powerful strategy that can place you ahead of your competitors.

7. Check Available Funding Options

Funding options are not just for the established businesses; startups can benefit as well. Many options are ranging from government grants, crowdfunding, bank loans, and programs. Check the available options and go for what is most suitable.

When you follow the right procedure, you will avoid future problems. When you do not understand a process, ask for assistance or clarification. One of the reliable sources includes the Illinois government website that has crucial information on permits, licenses, and taxation. Also, approaching local consultants can be helpful. They may also offer insights and help on registering your business.

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